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Honeysuckles (Lonicera, /lɒˈnɪsərə/; syn. Caprifolium Mill.) are arching shrubs or twining vines in the family Caprifoliaceae, native to northern latitudes in North America and Eurasia.

Valerian Root

Some people call it “nature’s Valium.” Valerian Root has been used since ancient times to promote tranquility and improve sleep.


Nepeta is a genus of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae. The genus name is reportedly in reference to Nepete, an ancient Etruscan city.


Actinidia polygama is a species of kiwifruit in the Actinidiaceae family. It grows in the mountainous areas of Japan and China at elevations between 500 and 1,900 metres.

Nepetalactone — the irresistible chemical
that allures our feline friends.

Specially grown to be the purest catnip out there, it only takes one or two sniffs of Beyond Catnip before felines are licking, chewing, and rolling head-over-tail in pure kitty bliss.

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